I have known and worked with Elda in various companies/industries for 8 consecutive years since 2012 when she was Financial Manager and subsequently Financial Director. As a seasoned and matured professional, Elda had consistently displayed professionalism in her craft, a dedicated and committed individual who was fair and yet firm, she was highly principled with above average levels of emotional intelligence compared to her peers and colleagues. Elda was a pleasant person to work with as a colleague, she possessed exceptional leadership skills, reliable, accountable, motivational and supportive to her team as well as to her subordinates. Elda believed in personal and professional growth, hence she continually mentored, coached and developed people around her. When Elda gets her hands on a problem, you end up feeling sorry for the problem due to reasons that Elda is tenacious, focused, methodical, results oriented and my key take aways from her principled nature was ‘integrity’ as she did not compromise on same. Given the opportunity, I would love to work with Elda again. I would always recommend Elda to any organization in need of a Financial Executive Director or Chief thereof. Elda would be a great asset in any organization in this particular field.

~ Phakamani