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Our experience is that growing up no one taught us how to manage our finances or how to deal with the death of a loved one. No one teaches you how to go through a divorce, how to overcome limiting beliefs. In recent years there has been an increase of stress-related anxiety, depression and emotional eating. Stress can also be a result of relationship problems or loss and grief. Our online coaching sessions take into account all aspects of your personal life and we as your coach will guide you along your personal development journey and provide you with the techniques, tools and skills needed to get you to where you want to be.

If you want to make big changes in your life, it starts with deep self-discovery and self-awareness.

Happiness can only be found within ourselves and not outside ourselves.

We believe that you need to get to know who you are and work through the filter of anything that is holding you back in life whether it is physical, emotional or financial.

If you want to develop a healthy mindset, a healthy body, start your own business or manage your finances then this is for you! We are here to bring you thought-provoking understanding and share our own lessons.

We are made to serve by helping you live a life where you feel whole just by being your authentic self.

We are committed to being real with you and teaching you the best of everything that we live by.

Are you ready to discover what makes you happy and whole?

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Do you feel:

  • Stuck
  • Loss of identity or purpose
  • Overwhelmed, anxious, frantic or wanting to run away

In a world filled with constant rushing and demands from family, employers and our own ambitions, how precious will the gift of a calm mind resonate with you?

FitFam will show you how to feel empowered and energised as we take your hand through the changes you want to make in your life. We ask the pertinent questions that will awaken you to discover yourself and uncover the challenges that you are facing in your life and provide you with the tools to thrive in your life.

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Mindfulness & Meditation

We offer online meditation and mindfulness sessions which is fully encouraged in today’s society -with so many things competing for our attention, it is amazing to just take a deep breath and come home to yourself in calmness.

We believe in Meditation and love it. As we started the practice, we found that:

  • It releases anxiety
  • Strengthens memory and focus
  • We fall asleep quicker and sleep better
  • It assists us in reconnecting to our intuition
  • Meditation quietens our mind, centers us and brings us into the present moment
  • It brings forth healing by releasing all resentment and judgement
  • This is one of the Key elements of our Holy Hour practice

We will show you how simple and practical it can be.

The Role Of Your Coach Will Be To Assist You With:

  • Discovering your true self
  • Living a more mindful life
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and negative self-talk
  • Freeing yourself from guilt and fear
  • Reclaiming your inner strength and joy
  • Re-program your thoughts, habits and behaviour
  • Having clarity on your values and goals
  • Finding balance in your life
  • Soaring out of your comfort zone

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